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S P -

My soon to be ex wife filed a false protective order against me in Loudoun. I didn’t know that lawyers in Fairfax also did cases in Loudoun. I heard about Sris and called him. He told me he handled cases in Loudoun all the time. I hired him and he got my case dismissed just like that. This man really made my day. Thanks Mr. Sris.

C J -

Sris and his team were great. I hired him for a DUI in Prince William County that he beat at trial. It was amazing. He won it even though I had a refusal charge. He really knew what would work before the judge and he was magic in the court.

I talked to him a couple of times before court and he was always available. I couldn’t have hired a better lawyer.
Hire him!

F L -

Bryan Block,Defended my son on a marijuana charge after the first trail the judge was impartial and he proceeded to appeal the case to the district court. Mr. block was well prepared for both trails and prevailed getting the charges dropped.Bryan was always available to answer all questions. I highly recommend SIRS law group. Thank you Bryan

P S -

If you were charged with a reckless in Fairfax, don’t even think about it. Hire Sris. He was amazing in getting my traffic ticket fixed. He told me everything I had to do to get him ready for court. When I was working with him, I knew I had made the best choice. He staying in touch and he got my reckless driving ticket reduced to a county code and I got no points. Thank you so much Mr. Sris

P D -

I can’t believe it. I got a reckless driving ticket in Rappahannock couple months ago and I hired Sris shortly after. He called me a couple days ago and told me he got it reduced to a no point ticket. I was doing 82/55. I don’t know what he did and I really don’t care. Thank you so much. I drive for a living and this would have really messed me up.

O G -

If you need a DUI lawyer in Fairfax don’t even think about it Sris is the guy. I had a DUI and everything was riding on the line. I had a construction business and I had just purchased a bar. He went to court with me three time at no extra charge and he was able to get me a wet reckless. My family had used him in the past and said he was the man. I met with him and my wife and I really liked him. He was straight to the point. He did not promise anything other than he would try his best. He was always available to talk over the three months it took to get my Dui handled. My family and I will always be greatful to him

S G -

If you are driving thru Rappahannock, be super careful. They hand out reckless driving tickets like it is candy. I drove out there to visit a friend and I got charged with a reckless driving ticket. It was for a 84/55. I called a bunch of lawyers and read the reviews and I picked Sris to help me out. He did a great job. He got it knocked down to a no point offense and I had to only pay a fine. If you need a reckless driving lawyer call Sris. He and his team were awesome!

A Y R -


I got 98/70 (YES! 98!!) @ brunswick county.

If you got a brunswick county ticket in VA, look for no other lawyer.

I had well reputed lawyers telling that even with my zero point driving record till now, it’s impossible for me to get out of conviction.

Bryan said he will try, and that he did it once.

This is my first time ever hiring any lawyer, first time dealing with court related things.

He delivered it flawlessly!

I got my ticket reduced to improper after paying fine, doing course and then community service.

But, I got out of it!

Insurance won’t bother me now.

This is awesome.

I hope this review helps anyone like me.

I know yelp had bad reviews, I had my doubts, but am so happy that I made the right decision!

Note: This review is specifically for bryan block @bruswick county, I can’t vouch for anything else.

Thank you!

S C -

I was charged with a reckless driving ticket in Culpeper and he got my case dismissed on the first date. I didn’t have to say a word in Court. Got a way better outcome than I expected. He came in prepared, talked to the prosecutor and five minutes later got the charge dropped. I highly recommend him.

B B -

Mr. SRIS was instrumental in reducing my reckless driving charge. The prosecutor dropped it down to 74/55, but for Mr. SRIS that wasn’t enough, he kept fighting for me and got it reduced to defective equipment which resulted in 0 points on my license. An absolutely amazing lawyer who I would 100% use again, and definitely suggest to friends, family and colleagues. Him and his assistant also utilized excellent communication during the entire time leading up to the court date, keeping me well informed and giving me as many recommendations as possible.

P O'B -

Sris, Angie and Sofia were nothing but wonderful during our entire horrible ordeal in a custody battle. If it hadn’t been for Sris’s help I shudder to even imagine how awful it could have turned out for my grandson. If I could give them a million stars I would! Every single time we had an emergency and needed to get in touch with Sris his paralegal Angie would get in touch with him and in a matter of minutes he would call or text. The peace of mind we had knowing he was on top of the situation was absolutely wonderful.

Ignore all of the bad reviews. If you want the best SRIS is the one!

M M -

My experience with SRIS is not but the best. I have been in the legal industry for 21 years and until now I have found myself in a brutal divorce. I consulted with the big name law firms and paid for the initial consultation. But I quickly realized that those big name firms were all about their profit and not really in the interest of their client. So I brought my case to SRIS and was assigned Mr. B Block. After consulting with 3 other law firms I was prepared for the same old dance and consultation. That was not the case. Mr. Block addressed the issue with passion, revived my motivation and gave me hope that I would end up in a better position on my divorce. Well I’m here to attest to that, not only did he manage to settle my case in my terms, but also educated me on not backing down. The big named law firms in the Virginia Beach area who “take care of women” was a joke. My wife was represented by them and only gave her grief to spend thousands of dollars to make unrealistic demands to myself and my attorney. I am so glad that I hired the SRIS group and very glad that Mr. B Block was assigned as my attorney. I give them the highest rating possible and again don’t be fooled by others, this law firm means business. They worked for MY advantage and not theirs financially.

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