TF –

I came to Mr. Sris office feeling very nervous because I had never met with a lawyer before but as soon as I entered the office I felt very welcome by the staff especially Mr. Damian Wright. I met with Mr. Sris and he greeted me and my son in such a friendly way that it almost seemed as if I knew him personally which was very surprising. Damian would communicate with me regularly always keeping me informed of the status of the case which took some of the stress away. If you need a lawyer I definitely recommend you hire the most dedicated group of people which is the Sris Law Group.

JS –

Got a reckless driving by speed charge 92/70 in Front Royal, Virginia. Ryan Kennedy represented me and did a great job getting it brought down to only a speeding ticket. I only had to pay a small fine and I did not even have to show up to court because I live out of state. Thank you SRIS Law Group for everything!

MB –

Having a seasoned Army veteran like Dennis Chapman in my corner was paramount to my recent success over a potentially career ending allegation. Dennis was the only name that was suggested by my colleagues to contact to help me navigate through the myriad of unique laws and regulations that are unique to the armed forces. He possesses an invaluable amount of institutional knowledge that is second to none against any legal counselor who does not match his 20+ years of service in the US Army. My family and I are grateful that Dennis was recommended to us. His hard work has helped ensure that I may continue my loyal service to our country in the armed services.

NN –

If you want to lose a lot of money and then lose in court, hire Mr. Sris. Rescheduled my court date and didn’t even bother telling me. In addition to this nerve-racking experience, did not put any effort in defending me in court the second time around. And at the end I had a feeling that he represented the prosecutor, not me. During the initial intake it felt like it was all about how awesome he is and not about the client’s needs. Highly questionable work ethics led to a terrible outcome at the end. Just an awful experience overall. Stay away. Do not repeat my mistake of trusting this person. Guys like him is the reason people don’t trust lawyers.

BF –

Phenomenal job getting my reckless driving ticket reduced to a dismissal with driving school. I worked with Robert there. Very knowledgable and professional.

IC –

I was looking for a lawyer for my brother’s custody case and other issues that involves the CPS. I know that this cases usually get pretty ugly. I needed to find the best lawyer for him. After calling and reading several law firms reviews I called the SRIS law group, I was very impress the way they handled from the very first call, so I decided to go with them. We have been working with the SRIS Law Group for a few weeks now and they have been nothing but professional, knowledgeable, and just awesome. They have been extremely helpful about the whole process, they follow up with me on a regular basis and replies to my emails and phone calls within minutes, which we greatly appreciate! I highly recommend this law firm.They are always on top of everything. We are still working with them, but so far we are very happy we chose them to defend my brother. I will write another review when all finish and let you know more.

JM –

My husband and I found ourselves in a very tricky situation over the holidays and we needed the assistance of a lawyer. We located The Law Office of Sris online and they were swift and effective. We were always able to reach someone and always treated as a priority. I would highly recommend Mr. Sris to anyone looking for an attorney in the Northern VA area.

TP –

We found ourselves in an very unfortunate situation while driving on highway on the first day of New Year, while we were stopped by police because of speeding. We were finishing our nearly two weeks long happy holiday in US and we felt our happy visit in the States turned bitter in an instant. We were very troubled by this summon and worried how it might affect our immigration in Canada. So we went to seek legal help and found SRIS.

We are very happy with the service of SRIS Law Group, they really saved our “Day”, and Year! Perhaps ours is a small case for them, but they handled it with so much empathy and encouragement, they were always on top of the matter, and guiding us patiently step by step on what to do in order to turn things around in our favor. We are very impressed by their professionalism and proficiency in the handling of our case, we would certainly recommend SRIS Law Group to anyone without any hesitation. Our special thanks to the two attorneys who handled our case, Luke and Damien, thank you both again for everything you did.

We felt very lucky to have chosen SRIS, and we wish the same luck to you!

From Canada, Montreal

TP –

Ryan Kennedy represented me and did an amazing job!

RJ –

Mr Sris was a god sent in my worst times, i approached Mr Sris when i has having a tough time dealing with my earlier attorney and felt very comfortable in our first meeting and changed my counsel immediately, once he took the case i was so relaxed with the burden of my shoulders, Damian kept in constant touch and did every thing possible and we achieved the best results.
i would strongly recommend Mr Sris for your legal cases and i could not have have been more thankful for getting my life back to normal.

AA –

Definitely the best law group I have worked with, they stay on top of everything and genuinely want to help as much as they can. My first case went extremely well and they are always prepared for the next step and thinking ahead as to what moves the other party will be making so we are always a step ahead. Couldn’t have found a better group to handle my case. Highly recommend!

MK –

Mr. Sris knows the justice system very well. He is direct in communication and will provide you with honest answers and a way to freedom. Take his advice very serious as it will help you get through some tough times. Professional across the board.

NC –

Two words! Simply Amazing!!!! I had one of my best experiences working with SRIS. I have worked with different lawyers for my employment and family related visas. But working with SRIS for a Family Visa has been a total new experience. They were very professional with their work. All I had to do was talk on the phone. They sent me the list of the documents needed and when i scanned and sent them, the paper work was all ready. I would totally recommend them for anyone especially for their family visas….

TM –

One of the best law firms in northern VA! This group of attorneys is very professional and honest. The SRIS Law Group represented me in a case in which other attorneys gave me no hope and I must say after the case was over I couldn’t thank them enough for their hard work to get me a great deal. I refer family members and friends with great confidence that they will be treated well and will get the best result possible. I have finally found a group of attorneys that are trustworthy and will represent me when in need. If you need an attorney don’t waste your time and contact the SRIS Law Group. (((HIGHLY RECOMMEND)))

NH –

I have a case with the fence issue. I came to the Sris law office and every thing has done smoothly.
Thanks for the help of SRIS. I will come here again if I have any other issue.

DS –

The Sris Law office were most excellent as a team operation. When timing was of the essence they were most efficient and professional. My case was closed shortly after retaining them. They have the highest level of integrity to return a portion of my retainer. I would use them again for any legal problem and highly recomend them. Nancy

CJ –

Mrs.Sris was very knowledgeable, and handel my case very professional, Im very thankful to him and his whole team, and very great full with my results.

S08 –

My experience with SRIS Law Group was a great one they solved my case and made me feel like i was not alone going to court. They took care of everything and were really helpful.

Luis Zavala

AT –

About 6 years ago I was in an unfortunate situation at a night club involving an off-duty police officer and my life took a turn for the worse. Taking advantage of his power, I was falsely accused of malicious wounding. I went to Mr. SRIS scared of what was going to happen if I was convicted of this crime being I have a family to support and I would lose my job. Mr. SRIS listened to my case with empathy and re-assured me that it was going to be ok; and that it was. I didn’t even have to wait for my court date for Mr. SRIS to have my matter resolved, he called me weeks in advance giving me the good news they were dropping the charges. I can’t thank Mr. SRIS and his legal team enough for their support and outstanding service in my time of need.
More recently I found myself in a jam from a mistake that I made and was charged with 2 misdemeanors and a felony. The next day he fit me into his schedule so I could come in and explain the situation. He gave me re-assurance that he could smooth things over and everyone makes mistakes. Needless to say he did what he said he was going to do and smoothed things over. I am extremely pleased with the results Mr. SRIS’s law group has got for me and I would recommend them to anyone in need.

RN –

I was lucky to find a lawyer as great as Mr.Sris. He had a profound level of knowledge & expertise in the type of case I was facing. This definitely showed in the thorough & detailed advice he provided prior to my court date. Also I was immensely grateful for his practical yet comforting approach in his consultation. But of course, most importantly grateful for his working to produce a very favorable outcome at court. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to secure a lawyer & a successful case outcome.


My husband and I have just gotten through the interview with USCIS on last Friday and are really appreciating all the help what we got from SRIS LAW GROUP – especially Mr Archer and Ms CK. For the last 4 months, they have given us the instruction, explanation and guidance regarding the legal procedures and we have known we would not have been through this immigration process without their help. The reason we chose this Law Firm was not their office was closer to where we live, but also they can be contacted from 7 am to 11 pm, when most of the law firms are only contacted during the normal office hours. It makes us feel that they are with us when we need them!
Thank you, again..


If outstanding representation is what you want, I would recommend the SRIS Law Group over and over again. I will always keep them in my prayers and on speed dial. I would like to thank everyone that worked my case.

SC –

Sris law group is the most esteemed group with elite lawyers on board to defend your case and bring the best out of it. that’s what i heard from others and didn’t realize it until it happened to me. One good thing about Mr.Sris/ Mr.Archer is they can sense the next possible move opponent would take and make you prepare for it. This team can be trusted 100% and good luck to you if you are reading this review.

JT –

Mr. Sris was a great help to our family during a very trying time. His patience and understanding of our situation immediately put me at ease during our first consultation and I knew I had made the right choice. His understanding of the court system in VA and Fairfax Co. was what made him so effective in assisting us. We put our faith in his firm and they led us step by step to the outcome we desired, supporting us the entire way.

ML  –

My experience with SRIS Law Group was a hurdle of different experiences. From the moment I heard about SRIS from my father, he made it very clear that he plays no games, and is very ready to get to work on the case you present to him.

He helped me with two different legal issues I was in at the same time, with the exception of me digging myself into a deeper hole, he managed to bare with me, and did nothing but completely work with me the whole way through my cases. One thing that I was very pleased with was the communication level they have with their clients. Anytime I ever faxed/ or sent in any kind of documentation, they made sure to call me back to let me know if it was received as well as any other additional documents they needed from me.

The best decision I could have made was to hire you SRIS Law Group P.C. and thank you very much for providing legal assistance with my criminal cases.

MM –

My experience with SRIS is not but the best. I have been in the legal industry for 21 years and until now I have found myself in a brutal divorce. I consulted with the big name law firms and paid for the initial consultation. But I quickly realized that those big name firms were all about their profit and not really in the interest of their client. So I brought my case to SRIS and was assigned Mr. B Block. After consulting with 3 other law firms I was prepared for the same old dance and consultation. That was not the case. Mr. Block addressed the issue with passion, revived my motivation and gave me hope that I would end up in a better position on my divorce. Well I’m here to attest to that, not only did he manage to settle my case in my terms, but also educated me on not backing down. The big named law firms in the Virginia Beach area who “take care of women” was a joke. My wife was represented by them and only gave her grief to spend thousands of dollars to make unrealistic demands to myself and my attorney. I am so glad that I hired the SRIS group and very glad that Mr. B Block was assigned as my attorney. I give them the highest rating possible and again don’t be fooled by others, this law firm means business. They worked for MY advantage and not theirs financially.

SB –

Previously I had worked with Ms. Hissong, one the members of SRIS Law Group and I had put my divorce procedure in the back burner. When the case emerged with a different twist, I had thought I could represent myself for the trial since I had a signed agreement in place, I was wrong! I had felt like I had just walked into a lion’s den! Mr. Sris accepted my case on a very short notice. Mr. Archer has done an extraordinary job in my case. He was available at any time I needed to discuss issues or concerns whether they be big or small. He was always willing to go for an extra mile to gather all the information to ensure that there are no loopholes that opposing team could use to nail you on. SRIS Law Group is very professional and respectful. Excellent team to work with. I highly recommend SRIS Law Group.

LM –

Mr. Sris was recommended to us though a past client of his. Right at the initial interview with him, my husband and I felt at ease and agreed that he was a great choose to represent us. My daughter and her husband separated and he (husband) was granted custody of our three young granddaughters. As soon as that occurred I knew that we would have a huge problem having any contact with the girls. We are both in our 60’s and love and want to share time with them and the granddaughters feel the some about us. Mr. Sris is very mythical in his thinking. His understood how we felt, his was kind, compassionate and he very patiently explained our situation throughout. He let us know what he thought was in our best interest. He made many trips to Prince William Courthouse with us. We trusted his judgment though out our ordeal and I am a very happy grandmother who can now spend time with my three granddaughters. I would highly recommend him and his entire firm.

We will never be able to thank him enough for giving our family back.

QN –

Very satisfied with Mr, Sris and his team. They guided me every step of the way and answered all my questions. I’m very glad to found his law firm. Would recommend his service to anyone in need of legal help.

CS –

SRIS Law Group is simply awesome. They know in & out in what they do with a vast experience. If I can trust any one with legal issues, that is undoubtedly SRIS Law group. Mr.Sris & Mr.Ames are perfect example of perfectionism.

FM –

Attorney Ryan Ames and Mr Silvio Ramirez have been exemplary! The Law Firm of SRIS Law Group, and in particular Attorney Ames, symbolizes the true ethos of what a counselor of law should represent; correct wrongs, and deliver justice. They do so with honor, integrity and candor. I cannot compliment the firm and all the employees highly enough. During some of the most challenging events in your life, especially divorce, you really need a Law Firm and Attorney that will not only stand up and fight for you – but also help you see the best course of action so as not default to an emotional reaction to acrimonious conduct by the other individual and/or their attorney. Frankly, if there were more law firms and attorneys out there like the SRIS Law Group – there would be much less chaos and turmoil during difficult life transitions and legal events. I’ve already made some referrals to Attorney Ames and would encourage you to reach out and talk to the firm if you are in the midst of a legal issue – you have nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain. I’m glad I made that call and had them on my side.

RA –

I always recommend SRIS Law Group to anyone that is in need of help with legal matters.
They did a great job when I applied for my wife’s daughters to immigrate to the U.S.
With their supervision, and expertise the process went smoothly. No delays, or issues ever occured.

TS –

I have been working with SRIS for more than 10 years. They have been our attorneys for my organization and everytime, they raise the bar in their service. They have been very helpful in various actions especially during critical immigration related actions. The best part is their availability at all times when we need them. They are always there to help. Also their responses are timely. In short, their service has been exemplerary. I have referred many of my friends and peers and all their experience has been the same. Thank you SRIS law group for all your help in these many years……

TC –

I have never received a traffic ticket in my life. I was very scared and did not know what to do. Sris Law Group and their staff made me feel at ease with the way the handled my case. I made the correct choice to hire them to handle my case.

CP –

I’ve been through a couple of bad experiences where I needed an attorney and I can totally testify that I couldn’t have got any better result than the one Mr. Sris got me. I met him when I had a traffic matter and he took it out from my record, it continues clean and perfect. Later I had to hire his services for a child support matter, I was paying a very high amount of child support for my only child, (more than $1000). I knew I had to ask him to help me and he did it, It was really easy to trust him. He reduced the child support to a very fair amount before trial, he made an excellent negotiation, he made a couple of phone calls and the other attorney knew she didn’t have a chance of going to trial and win, Mr. Sris did. He proofed he is a very aggressive attorney and a very smart one. I don’t hesitate to recommend Mr. Sris to anybody who needs a real attorney who will do anything to win your case.

RB –

I chose the SRIS Law Group for my custody case involving my infant son. I dealt with a roller coaster of events that occurred prior to trial, and Mr Sris and Mr Luke Archer were attentive the entire way. From the beginning of the process to its conclusion, Mr Sris and Mr Archer created a strong game plan that we stuck to, and ultimately boded well for me in trial. Taking the “high-road” on matters while still being unwilling to bend on issues that were unreasonable were the tactics that were employed, never stooping down to sleazy or unethical practices. I really could not thank Sris and Luke enough in helping me through this difficult time, and I’m sure I will be looking towards them in the future whether it has to do more with my custody case or any other legal matters I may encounter in the future. They never back down to any law firm, whether it is a “high-powered” attorney or one that uses unethical practices to attempt getting their way. Mr Sris is very impressive during litigation and Mr Archer’s organization is impeccable. My decision to go with the SRIS Law Group was reaffirmed time and time again, and I am completely happy with my decision in choosing them to represent me in the most important matter in my life.

DG –

When a K Street Law firm told me there was nothing they could do for me after almost a year with my case I then turned to Mr Sris.

He and his team went to work immediately and the progress began. They looked into every possible channel and where very thorough indeed.ending with a very positive outcome in my case

The dedication and experience is right there with SRIS Group

I would totaly recommend him and his professional staff with a legal difficulty you may find yourself in

BC –

I have worked with SRIS law group for my citizenship and as well as for my divorce case. I certainly have an amazing experience working with Mr. Sris, Mr. Archer and Mr. Robert. Mr. Sris and Ms. CK were so cordial, helpful, respectful and few steps of ahead of me, that give me enormous confidence, trust and hope that I will be fine. They were professional, courteous, diligent, frank, immensely knowledgeable of how court system works. The team is very aggressive in protecting their client and research heavily and uses very rare clauses that many namesake attorneys have any clue about them. Sris(kandaraja) in hindu mythology is born for a purpose to kill daemons with a special sword. Mr Sris becomes that warrior and a strategist in the court room, and Mr. Archer like a true archer who has perfected his skill how to get his target. I was accused with false accusations and lies, and Mr. Sris and Mr. Archer nailed the liar on top of the head, I didn’t even have to take stand to prove those were false accusations. How assuring is that for any client? Can you ask anything more from an attorney defending you?


It is the best law group in our area. They were friendly and helpful. They helped me in processing immigration for my family. Thanks to Mr Sris and the assistants who help me. Thank you!!

PR –

I do not find words to express my gratitude for Sris law firm’s outstanding favor to me. One important thing that I was pleased with was the communication level they have with their clients. Furthermore, Sris gave me hope and confidence throughout my ordeal. Thank you for your incredible support. I sincerely appreciate their help in straightening out a difficult situation.

FG –

Sris Law Group is one of the best things that ever happened to me this year!!! If it weren’t for this group of expertise, loyal and with integrity professionals, I probably would not be sitting writing about this outstanding group of people, who I trusted 100 %. Since the beginning, my fear was overshadowed by their expertise, my insecurities were strengthened by their power of knowledge and most of all, my weakness was empowered by their just saying “don’t worry, We got you!”…what else can I say…no matter how small or big you think your case is ….just don’t think about it twice…please…. just pass it on to this Law Firm and they will handle it!…trust my words…I’m no one special, but I am one very grateful and thankful person to this firm, who because of them I have another chance to enjoy my family and loved ones, they took care of me from the beginning, during and most of all, at the end of my case, going the extra mile/step to even taking me to, and bringing me back from my destination, because of a last minute inconvenience…..No hesitation, no extra cost, just a beautiful feeling once again of WOW!!! Im in good hands!. And to top it off more, at the end of my ordeal, a big smile and hug which make you feel like …”You see…I told you, We Got You!!” Thank you so much……… Mr. Damian, your assistance, patience, kindness and compassion were really appreciated. Mr. Rayn Ames…………your confidence, kindness and the “don’t worry, I got this!” demeanor gave me that calm I needed, when I was feeling as if I were going to pass out waiting for my outcome! and Mr. Sris, no words!!! They lead by example!! you and your team…..THE BEST OF THE BEST! no words!!!…. Thank You SOOOO much!!!> I highly recommend Mr. Sris Law Firm to represent ANYONE ANYWHERE IN THE ENTIRE USA OR ABROAD!

AO –

Mr. Sris and his group has been vital in assisting me with several matters. I express my appreciation for their help, and I tell others to call him, and his office.

FS –

Mr. Sris and the Sris law group saved my brother’s life on charges that he was innocent of, he was facing very serious charges so my family and I went to work to find a law firm who could handle these charges and prove my brother’s innocence, I ran across Mr. Sris law firm on the internet and in about 2 minutes into the conversation I knew we had our man, in speaking with Mr. Sris he was straight forward, sharp and giving a sense of hope and this was very important to us because out of the many lawyers we contacted none had given us much hope, Mr. Sris promised he would work very hard and diligently to the very end, keeping us informed of everything every step of the way, and this he did, in the courtroom his performance was sharp, clever and strong, he knew at just the right moment when to push forward and when to pull back, I sat there mesmerized while he went to work, it was like watching a western shootout bullet for bullet with Mr.Sris standing his ground and landing every bullet exactly where he wanted to, knocking off charges like liquor shots at a saloon after victory has been won, and Mr. Sris’s associate Ryan Ames is as sharp as well, don’t be fooled by his school boy looks he’s a shark in the courtroom with his specialty for closing arguments, he captivated the jury with his smooth approach and no nonsense demeanor, every half sleeping eye from the closing argument before him was now wide awake, I could see respect and agreement on the faces of the jury, Ryan opened their eyes to see how the closing argument before him was impossible to believe and never could have happened, he shot down every scenario the prosecutor laid out as he explained how his client was innocent of these charges, it was truly a battle and Mr.Sris and his posse stood strong, the jury didn’t take a lot of deliberation time and when the smoke cleared, the verdict was read, NOT GUILTY. and freedom was won.

I’d like to thank Mr. Sris and his law group for getting justice for my brother and making our family whole again.
I will recommend your firm to any and everyone in need of legal help.


RH –

Where to start, Mr.Sris help my mother out when she was going through family legal issues and he helped her through it all the way, So naturally when I caught charges he was the first person to call. Sris is wonderful, he knows so much about how the court system works and how to work your charges around it to get what you want. Sris gave me a second chance, my whole life is ahead of me know because of him and his firm and I am more than thankful for that. I cant express enough how reassuring he is, the second I finish my first consultation I felt relieved. I don’t want to go into detail about what I was charge with but lets just say Sris gave me my life back. He gave me a reason to appreciate what I had and what I can achieve without him I would probably be headed straight down the wrong path. Him and his firm helped me out 100% no matter what, they are EXTREMELY quick to respond which is exactly what you want when in a ;legal situation. Sris Law Firm is the best hands down, if any legal troubles come my way Sris is the first person I will call.

DS –

“I had found myself faced with charges, which I was innocent of,
but did not know how to prove. Thankfully my wife and I found the SRIS LAW GROUP.

Their knowledge, expertise, understanding, and professionalism put us at ease immediately. But it was their relentless pursuit of the truth and dedication that made us realize that we had come to the right place.

It was this team of professionals, including but not limited to, Mr. Sris,
Kristen Fisher, Damian Wright and their team of experts – computer forensics experts, psychiatrists and so many more that assured us that we could and would win.

It was their un-daunting determination to expose the truth that forced the
prosecutor to drop all charges five days before the trial was to begin.

We thank you for giving us back our life.”


I have never met a more dedicated group of people, than the Sris Law Group.

Everybody associated with the team, from attorneys to the staff, to the experts,
provide high quality, professional service.

Undaunted commitment to exposing the truth, fortitude fighting for the client
is not only exemplary, but also exactly what you trust defense attorneys should be.


GZ –

The SrisLawGroup is amazing. My case is still going on and they constantly keep me updated whenever something happens, changes,or there needs to be something done. They are very proffesional and make you feel like you are number one. When people think of a laywer, they think price. Here at SrisLawGroup they do not try to beat you in the head and have a payment plan that will suit you. If you are ever in any kind of trouble call SrisLawGroup.

CD –

I hired the attorneys at Sris Law Group in 2012. I found myself in a bit of trouble for the first time in my life. I really liked the way Sris and his team were very transparent in explaining the process to me and my family. This made me understand the judicial process so that I understood everything that was going on. I also found that Sris will fight for you and your rights with no intention of backing down. He will do what is best for you and will do anything under the law to ensure a the best outcome possible. I reccomend his services to anyone who is in need of help. If you are as clueless as I was when it came to hiring a lawyer, then you know how hard it is to choose ther right guy, I chose the Sris Law Group and it was the right choice. 100% satisfied with Sris and his staff.

NM –

I just have to say that SRIS and the entire team have been amazing. I would strongly recommend SRIS and the firm to anyone who need legal help.

MH –

I would certainly recommend SRIS P.C. to anyone with any legal matters. I want to thank Mr. SRIS for his representation in my cases.

SB –

For me he’s a very social person

JN –

(Translated by Google) My family was looking for a lawyer to assist in my criminal case until he found the lawyer SIRS. His lawyers and representatives could help me and my family until my case was closed. Thanks to the attorney SIRS I’m out of jail and my case has been concluded. They are a very professional and honest office. If at any time I need any other type of legal aid would not hesitate to ask for your help ..

(Original) Mi familia estuvo en busca de un abogado que asistiera en mi caso criminal hasta que encontro al abogado SRIS. Sus abogados y representantes pudieron ayudarme a mi y a mi familia hasta que mi caso fue cerrado. Gracias al abogado SRIS estoy fuera de carcel y mi caso ha sido concluido. Son una oficina muy professional y honesta. Si en algun momento necesito cualquier otro tipo de ayuda legal, no dudaria en pedir su ayuda..

JB –

(Translated by Google) SIRS Law Group,

A very profecional lawyers office. During my family if I had the best result and got my two sons at the court of Prince William. They were very hard times but with lawyers and high esperiencia I left this nightmare and now I have my children back in my home. The staff is very profecional and speak Spanish very polite and they know the best way to help. Thank you very much to all lawyers and especially Angie paralegal assistant pasiencia much for having me. Very pleased with the results and I recommend with all honesty. Thank you very much.

(Original) SRIS Law Group,

Una oficina de abogados muy profecional. Durante mi caso familiar tuve el mejor resultado y obtuve a mis dos hijos en la corte de Prince William. Fueron tiempos muy duros pero con los abogados y su alta esperiencia sali de toda esta pesadilla y ahora tengo a mis hijos de regreso en mi casa. El personal es muy profecional y hablan espanol muy cortes y saben ayudarte de la mejor manera. Muchas gracias a todos los abogados y en especial a Angie asistente paralegal por tenerme mucha pasiencia. Muy complacido con los resultados y los recomiendo con toda honestidad. Muchas gracias.